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 Craniosacral Therapy

Holistic Massage & Acupressure

'Change the Way You Feel'


" I bless the day my son found Jillian and Craniosacral Therapy and for asking if i'd give it a try.Having been in constant pain for many months with a trapped nerve causing Sciatica, that no amount of physiotherapy, or yet more pain killers could help, I was more than willing to give it a try.

The treatment itself is so relaxing that everything that felt so tight and "knotted up" suddenly became free, I felt this ,even after the first treatment.That makes you feel better right away. I just can't praise Craniosacral Therapy and Jillian anough, it has made such a difference to my life, by not being in constant pain now I can enjoy my life so much more. "

Mrs B.N.R. Newquay